Year group bubbles/segments are no longer in place however, the following plans have been implemented to limit the number of students in one place at one time:

  • Split breaks and lunch times
  • Each year group has a designated staircase
  • A one-way system on Floors 1 and 2 of the building

All students will attend assemblies, classrooms and shared spaces as normal but please be reassured that there are measures in place to keep everyone safe.  As a college, we have an Outbreak Management Plan in place, to which we will refer to is necessary.

The college day is as follows:

One-Way System

The one-way system will remains in place.  The one-way system reduces the congestion in corridors between lessons and during break and lunchtimes, and also helps the flow of students around the college.

Face Coverings

The wearing of face coverings is strongly advised in communal areas of the college.  Communal areas include The Heart and corridors where we cannot always limit the number of students.  Those travelling to college on public transport must wear a mask as per government guidance.

Good Hygiene

Please support the College by asking students to continue to wash and sanitise hands on a regular basis, in particular before and after break and lunch, when entering the college and classrooms. We also advise students follow the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ phrase when using tissues.

COVID Symptoms

Following current guidance, students who develop any COVID symptoms should not come to college and should take a test at a PCR test site.  Students who become/are symptomatic in college will be sent home for a PCR test.  Please do not rely on lateral flow home tests as a test result, a PCR test must be complete before returning to college.

The 3 main COVID symptoms are:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell

Positive test results

Anyone with a positive must isolate for a full 10 days after the onset of symptoms or their positive result if they have no symptoms.  This would include after a positive LFT home test result once confirmed with a positive PCR test within 2 days of any positive home test result.  If the PCR test returned negative, student can return to college once we have been notified of the result.