Eco Club

Eco Club is a student-led environmental group which aims to promote sustainable practices and raise awareness of environmental issues in college. Our initial goal is to secure the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award and we have achieved the Silver Award. Meeting weekly on a Friday lunchtime, Eco Club is open to all students of all ages and abilities. Chaired by the students themselves, meetings follow a set structure and allow a forum for discussion of ongoing or potential environmental projects. Currently we are moving forward with proposals centered around three priority areas – transport, waste and energy, that were identified in a self diagnosis and evaluation of the college’s environmental performance. Students take on responsibility for specific actions that are decided on during meetings and then implemented in their own time. Through Eco Club, students have developed a range of soft skills including leadership, project management, team working and public speaking which are transferable to both the classroom and further education or careers.

Our successes so far include the submission of our Bronze Award and Silver Award application, a successful application to the Woodland Trust for a community trees pack to arrive in November 2019, distribution of paper recycle bins to classrooms and participation in the national Great British Spring Clean litter pick organised by Keep Britain Tidy. On Wednesday 3rd July, representatives from Eco Club traveled to London for the Green School’s Project national conference at University College London.