Making a Difference Team

At High Tunstall we take bullying very seriously, we realise that bullying is something that all young people can experience in their lives and although we will never be able to stop bullying in society, here at High Tunstall we constantly raise awareness which in turn reduces bullying.

We believe at High Tunstall that:

Bullying is the conscious desire to hurt, threaten, frighten or make someone feel uncomfortable.

  • It is deliberate
  • It is repeated over a period of time
  • It is difficult for the individual to defend themselves

We as students are passionate about ‘making a difference’ which is why four years ago we set up the MAD Team.  The MAD team are a group of students that have been trained as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to know all types of bullying and know how to help our peers should they ever need a friend.  We meet every week to discuss new ideas and to constantly raise awareness to students and staff across college.

There are nine types of bullying these are Verbal, Physical, Emotional, Cyber, Racial, Homophobic, Transgender, Sexual & Sexist and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.  We all have had different experiences through our lives which enable us to be able to empathise and help others stand up and feel listened to.

We are a dedicated team that do a variety of things to get the message across about how bullying is wrong. Some of the ways in which we try to raise awareness are by holding special events to raise money, producing leaflets, delivering assemblies, conducting PSHCE lessons all around different types of bullying. We are also involved in transition day, updating the anti-bullying noticeboard, writing in the expressions magazine and managing the Ask it Basket which allows students to ask questions around bullying and for us to display the answers on the noticeboard.

We are also always looking for new ambassadors to come and join our team to help stop bullying.  We are led by Mrs Harrison, Learning Coach and Kate Hillyard, Anti-Bullying & Behaviour Consultant.  Kate trains all the ambassadors to gold certificate level and Mrs Harrison runs the team day to day.  All of the ambassadors try their best to ensure that bullying is stopped.  Also, if you have any issues, all of the ambassadors are around college so you can talk to them or you can attend our Friday club so you can talk to the ambassadors and you can sort out your problems with us.

Currently we have 8 ambassadors:

Ellie Prestedge, Charlotte Coyle, Elana Robson, Harry Rudd, Olivia Fox, Evie Baker, Megan Spires

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