High Tunstall Leading in Century Tech Spring Challenge!

High Tunstall is currently on top of the world leader board thanks to its fantastically bright students answering over half a million online questions in a global quiz challenge. 

Thousands of schools across the world have been taking part in the Spring Challenge since 1st March and we’re ahead by an impressive 208,120 questions, after our students answered an enormous 667,000 questions in the past 30 days 

Launched in 2015, with around 40 countries taking part, Century Tech is a learning platform which uses artificial intelligence to assess students’ levels in English, Maths and Science. It then adjusts the questions accordingly and suggests recommended learning in areas where the individual is struggling. 

Mr Tilling said: “We’ve really placed emphasis on the new AI technology to help students with their personal learning pathways. Century Tech helps to develop prior knowledge as well as completing new nuggets of learning to develop where needed. 

Some students have already done over 16 hours on Century Tech. 

“Stepping into the wilderness of new AI technology has massively helped to bridge the gap we’re currently presented with.” 

We’re thrilled to see students continuing their education and using the Spring Challenge to continue their growth and learning despite the unfortunate school closures. You’re doing Tunny proud! 

We’re loving seeing you all getting involved in Mr Leary’s #TaskMaster Tasks, your textbook work and #HoldensHomework challengesKeep them coming in and let us know what you’re up to at home. 

Well done #TeamTunny, keep up the great work.