Choosing options is a very important moment for every Year 9 student at High Tunstall College of Science and we are absolutely committed to providing the very best advice and guidance to students as well as their parents/carers.  All students must take certain subjects, which are known as ‘the core curriculum’, these are:

  • English Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Core PE

In addition to the Core subjects, students can choose up to four subjects they wish to study and these subjects will make up the remainder of their timetable.

There are a number of opportunities to consider the best set of subjects to opt for and a Senior Leadership Mentor supports this process.  Full details of all of the courses we offer will be made available to students prior to attending a one-to-one meeting with a Senior Leadership Mentor.

Some courses have specific entry requirements due to the challenging nature of the specifications; mentors will advise students carefully and sensitively on the suitability of these courses. We encourage students to talk to their teachers, form tutors, parents/carers and as many other suitable people as possible before any final decisions are made and option preferences forms are completed.

Core Subjects