Student Leaders

Hello to our High Tunstall Community. We are the elected Student Senior Leadership Team for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. We are delighted to be working with the College Head Boy/Head Girl Team to advocate for the students, and to ensure they get the most out of their time here at High Tunstall.

As a school we pride ourselves on adhering to a specific set of values, which are Ready, Respectful, and Safe. We are presented with plenty of opportunities through our facilities and we strive to keep those opportunities in an excellent condition for years to come. Ultimately, our focus is on the students, therefore we will work hard to remain a cohesive college, where all students are included and supported throughout all areas of college life. We aim to be an approachable team ready to help with any concerns or queries any students, staff or parents may have.

My name is Samuel, and I am the College’s Head Boy. Here at High Tunstall, we feel that having good mental health is the key building block in having a successful college (and post-college) life. I’m proud that we have the MAD (Make A Difference) team, which through its pupil volunteers, provides extensive support on wellbeing issues throughout all school years. I lead this team and as someone who has both helped people as well as having had my own struggles with anxiety, I feel well placed to tell you what a fantastic level of support the college offers.

We take these issues very seriously, and will do anything in our power to help, no matter how big or small the problem. Bullying is dealt with quickly and there is a lot of staff support offered to help make sure that if issues arise, there’s somewhere to go. Through the MAD team, we have a great team of well-trained students ready to help quickly and I believe this is what we have that puts us head and shoulders above other schools.

It is proven that someone with support, a main element in the ethos of the college, will find it easier to thrive in a learning environment than that a student without it. This is why we, students and staff alike, work tirelessly to support those impacted by the struggles of everyday life.

We have “drop-ins” once per week that let students that may be struggling with confidence issues or with their mental health have a break from everything and talk to each other about their experiences and problems and helping people relate to each other. This helps with students including their peers in activities and creating a happy environment for all those involved. Additionally, because students form part of the support network, we often have our ‘ear to the ground’ and can offer a friendly shoulder or helping hand to our peers when they need it.

I know that the care and support that I have been given in my time at the college have been instrumental in me achieving my highest potential – which culminated in me having the confidence to apply for, and compete in, the competition to be Head Boy.

Samuel Bolton
Head Boy

The biggest difference you’ll notice about High Tunstall is the world of opportunities which exist beyond the classroom. For many students, the end of lessons signals the start of another stage of the school day, and one which I love the most! We can really take advantage of the amazing facilities and opportunities the college has to offer!

Enrichment takes many different forms. Some of these happen in the classrooms, with further opportunities to develop the academic curriculum, and learn more about your favourite subjects. Our creative arts are renowned in the local community. We put on a host of shows throughout the year, which many students love auditioning and preparing for. We really feel like we bring a little bit of London’s West End to Hartlepool! And it’s not just about those who perform under the lights, we need an army of people from artists to technical experts who are the heroes backstage. For others, the college’s glowing sporting reputation is where they really get their kick – literally! We have a range of sporting teams and individual sports you can enjoy. We are proud to have young people competing at town, regional and national level. Our honours and record boards around school celebrate these achievements and fire the ambition in all to achieve their own milestones and records. If competition’s not your thing, then that’s fine too – we offer wellbeing or self-improvement opportunities to help you be the best you can be.

Our wider opportunities are renowned…  starting with events on site such as our very own ColourMudder. We go to all the best places the local area has to offer, to one-off events across the country. And if that’s not enough, we even venture farther afield – have a look on our socials for photos of recent trips such as an amazing trip to the wonders of Iceland, or the once in a lifetime ski trip to the Alps with dozens of your fellow students!

And through all the above, you’ll really learn to be part of the community. And not just the College community. We really cherish our place in supporting local charities, fundraising events, or taking the opportunity to volunteer and work with others.

So come on, make the most of your time here. How much can you fit in?

Grace Martindale
Head Girl

High Tunstall College of Science prides itself on providing its students with a holistic education that extends beyond the classroom. The school recognizes that learning is not just about academic achievement but also about developing well-rounded individuals who can thrive in the real world. As such, High Tunstall offers various experiences and opportunities to its students over the five years they spend at the school.

One of the unique aspects of High Tunstall is the numerous rewards and celebrations that students receive for their hard work and dedication. The school recognizes the importance of acknowledging and celebrating student achievements, and it does so through various events and occasions. In addition to these events, students also can become part of the Student Leadership Team. This leadership program aims to develop students’ leadership skills, communication abilities, and team-working skills. Students learn to take responsibility for their actions and make decisions that benefit the school and its community. The program provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop essential life skills that will benefit them beyond their time at High Tunstall.

Furthermore, the school offers a comprehensive PHSE curriculum, which is delivered once every fortnight. These lessons cover a range of topics focused on developing essential life skills such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and financial skills. Students learn to navigate complex social situations, develop healthy relationships, and make informed decisions about their future. The school also invites guest speakers from various fields, including STEM, to deliver speeches and interact with students. These guest speakers provide students with valuable insights into their respective fields, inspiring students to pursue their passions and interests. Previous guest speakers have included Chris Packham, Helen Sharman, and Professor Robert Winston, who have all shared their expertise and experiences with students.

High Tunstall also offers numerous opportunities for students to participate in school trips. These trips range from visits to local historical sites such as Beamish, to international trips to destinations such as Iceland and France. These trips provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn about different cultures, explore new environments, and develop a sense of independence and responsibility.

To foster healthy competition and drive, the school also organizes various competitions where students from different houses compete to earn points for their house. The competitions can range from simple tasks such as card making to more complex activities such as MasterChef and the annual Sports Day, which is regarded as most people’s favourite day in the school year. These competitions provide an excellent opportunity for students to work together, develop team-working skills, and build a sense of friendship and school spirit.

In conclusion, High Tunstall College of Science provides its students with a diverse range of experiences and opportunities to enrich their learning and personal development. From academic achievement to extracurricular activities, the school recognizes the importance of a holistic education and aims to equip its students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the real world. Students can look forward to an exciting and rewarding journey at High Tunstall, where they can explore their interests, develop their skills, and create lasting memories.

Sahaj Mitta
Deputy Head Boy

I am Nina, the newly elected Deputy Head Girl at High Tunstall. As a school we pride ourselves on the spectrum of opportunities we offer to students. The High Tunstall College of Science curriculum is at the centre of the school’s purpose and our core values of Inspire, Support and Achieve . When it comes to the time where students pick their GCSEs, High Tunstall ensures that there is a range of subjects that pupils can pick (both academic and vocational). There is a subject perfect for any student at High Tunstall and everyone will study every subject available before making the choice in year 9. The courses offered will also help pupils to develop their skills within a certain subject post 16. As well as offering GCSE courses the school also offers BTEC awards in construction, iMedia, health and social care, music, dance, and engineering to ensure every student has a fitted course for them. Furthermore, every teacher at High Tunstall will make sure that students are performing to the best of their ability and will work outside of hours to help achieve aspirations. The courses offered also meets the needs of SEND pupils, as a student with dyslexia myself I can say that the teachers and curriculum are fantastic at helping and supporting me as well as other SEND pupils. High Tunstall college of science makes sure every student will reach their full potential.

Nina Bunter
Deputy Head Girl