Student Leaders

Hello to our High Tunstall Community. We are the elected Student Senior Leadership Team for the 2022-2023 Academic Year. We are delighted to be working with the College team to advocate for the students, and to ensure they get the most out of their time here at High Tunstall.

As a school we pride ourselves on adhering to a specific set of values, which are Ready, Respectful, and Safe. We are presented with plenty of opportunities through our facilities and we strive to keep those opportunities in an excellent condition for years to come. Ultimately, our focus is on the students, therefore we will work hard to remain a cohesive college, where all students are included and supported throughout all areas of college life. We aim to be an approachable team ready to help with any concerns or queries any students, staff or parents may have.

My name is George and I am Head Boy. The best thing about college is that we have an outstanding variety for school lunches. This is because our kitchen caters for a number of dietary requirements including gluten free, halal and vegan- just to name a few. This is achieved using the colleges: Pasta King, Salad/ Sandwich bar, Pod (exterior alternative) and the main kitchen. Following this, our Food Technology rooms include all the necessary (plus additional) equipment, with expert Food and Nutrition teachers to enable and support each student as they to learn how to cook/ prepare meals, in addition to understanding the science behind these foods. We teach this throughout key stage 3 as it is a key life skill, then you may opt for it at GCSE. At High Tunstall, we take utmost pride in our education and attitude towards learning, as we are fortunate to have these specialist facilities across all subjects. As well as this, this teaches students about the responsibilities they should adhere to, for keeping our facilities in excellent condition, so we can achieve the highest possible grades in the subjects we are interested in.

George Holmes
Head Boy

My name is Casey Walton and I am the newly elected Head Girl at High Tunstall. One of the most amazing things about our college is how much we value our extra-curricular activities and engage in them. Across the five years students will have the opportunity to become a part of our schools Advanced Performance Programme, dedicated to sport. Students take part in competitions throughout the years and act as sporting role models for the rest of the college. Alongside our outstanding sports programme we also offer many opportunities for students who are involved in Creative Arts. These include: creative showcases; college performances; Open Mic nights; and much more. These programmes help students build their confidence and give them a safe space to showcase their talent and contribute to the college in their own way. I believe that students are at the very heart of the school and therefore their opinions should always be heard. Our aim as student leaders is to promote student voice, to help embed student wellbeing and students’ enjoyment as priorities. The staff work extremally hard to ensure all students are given the opportunity to nurture and develop their interests and talents across their five years.

Casey Walton
Head Girl

From the moment you start your transition to High Tunstall to Results Day, High Tunstall has a wrap-around community that both Inspires and Supports all, and ensures that every student Achieves. Our wider Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural experiences are enabled through British Values in tutor time or through the World Affairs department as well as other areas. We are taught excellent Citizenship lessons where students are engaged in topical issues and History and Geography lessons where students discuss their ideas and develop an understanding of issues in the world. Or we aim to look at things in a unique way in Philosophy and Ethics. In addition, High Tunstall has well-rounded Creative Arts and Technology and Enterprise faculties and a prospering PE faculty for those who wish to get involved with the communities in other ways, supplemented by a House system where students and staff alike get to compete for their house in stimulating events. The help and guidance you receive from every member of staff provides students with the quality support you would wish for, so everyone reaches their potential and grows as a person.

Oliver Huermann
Deputy Head Boy

My name is Izzy and I’m Deputy Head Girl here at High Tunstall. My favourite part about college is the spectrum of opportunities throughout, that is impressive. But what I find more impressive is the amount of inclusion with SEN we have in our school. Our school team works endlessly to provide support within and outside of college hours. The teachers genuinely care and want the best for their students and work out of hours to help them achieve their aspirations. We have a vast Creativity Faculty that rewards annually through the Creative Arts Academy. This gives talented students the best possible opportunities to thrive and to appreciate the talent the college has. As we are a college of science, our science department is prominent; we offer a broad range of sciences including psychology for GCSE. The course is stimulating for students, and it provides a wider horizon of subjects for students to develop post 16. Essentially, the staff do an amazing job guiding me and other students towards their personal and academic success, no matter what the achievement may be. Our amazing team of students and staff alike, ensure you reach your full potential.

Izzy Huermann
Deputy Head Girl