Student Leaders

Our Head Boy and Head Girl for 2020-21 are Isaac Organ and Lucy Reed

Hello everyone, we are Lucy and Isaac and we are delighted to be High Tunstall’s Head Girl and Head Boy for the coming academic year. We would like to commend all the other candidates’ efforts in the election process – everyone did brilliantly and were a credit to themselves and the college.

We are very excited for our first full year in our new building.  Not only is the atmosphere inside the school light and airy with lots of space, the new facilities will be invaluable for our students to achieve the best results they can, helping the college continue its journey towards excellence.

In spite of these current trying times, we are sure that everyone in the college – students and staff alike – will overcome any challenges that we face we as we try to get back to normal, and that next year will bring great things for the college and all its students.

My name is Lucy Reed and I am the Head Girl at High Tunstall College of Science. One of the most amazing things about High Tunstall is the community feeling that you will sense the moment you walk through the door. High Tunstall isn’t just a regular school where teachers teach from 8:40-3, it’s a school where the teachers genuinely care and want the best for their students, where the teachers work far longer than 6 hours a day in order to ensure every child is safe and happy and where getting Grade 9 isn’t the most important thing in the world.  At High Tunstall we are constantly given the best opportunities to learn and grow in order to prepare us for adult life. For example we have the incredible Advanced Performance Program for those who are talented in Sport and the Creative Arts Academy for those who are gifted in the creative subjects. These programmes ensure that these talented students are given the best possible opportunities to help them thrive. And with an amazing new school building, every single child has the opportunity to find their talent and then use our fantastic teachers to help nurture and develop what is special about that student.  Lucy Reed, Head Girl

Walk through the doors of High Tunstall and you immediately feel part of our community.  Dominating the entrance to the school is our motto: Inspire. Support. Achieve.  Three simple words yet the very foundation of the school’s success.  From your first day in our school you are encouraged to be the best student – and person – that you can be.  Teachers provide inspiration through their stimulating lessons, furthering your academic understanding while broadening your horizons.  STEM activities challenge you to link your learning to the wider world, encouraging critical thinking and raising aspirations.  This is complemented by the numerous opportunities you will receive to participate in educational visits: to local workplaces; significant cultural landmarks; residential stays in the UK and beyond.  The support you will receive is second to none.  From your tutor to your subject teachers, all the way to the SLT, your welfare is their priority. The friendly atmosphere in the school – created by the staff and students – means that no-one is left isolated and there is always someone there to help. This support guarantees your achievement at High Tunstall.  You are guided towards personal and academic success and every achievement, no matter how big or small, is recognised with praise and celebration.  Your first day at High Tunstall is the start of a new beginning.  Our fantastic new facilities will provide you with countless creative and academic experiences; the opportunity to reach your full potential is in your hands.  Isaac Organ, Head Boy

At High Tunstall we find solutions to problems, and one issue we had was how do we elect a student body when the college is temporarily closed? Candidates had been shortlisted prior to lockdown so the first piece of the jigsaw was to get in touch with them and ask them to develop posters and presentations that could be showcased online.  We then involved the candidates in deciding how the voting process was to be done and by majority they asked that the whole-staff watch the presentations (that Mr Holden had kindly made into video presentations).  Staff would then vote securely via survey-monkey. Democracy still reigned in a College where we encourage British Values of which democracy is one. Although, due to fairness and logistical reasons we could not invite all students to vote as we would normally do, we have still managed to elect a Head Boy (Isaac Organ), a Head Girl (Lucy Reed), a Deputy Head Boy (William Wright) and a Deputy Head Girl (Macy Thornton).  Mr Leary, Assistant Headteacher

Congratulations to these students and all 13 who took part in the process, the students have been a credit to the College and the community. Those who missed out will have another opportunity to be the Head Boy or Girl of each of our Houses or will automatically become Senior Prefects.