Magnificent 7

The Vision

As High Tunstall Learners we INSPIRE one another by getting involved, being imaginative and enjoying challenges.

As High Tunstall Learners we SUPPORT one another by showing respect, being positive and having pride in our community.

Together, as High Tunstall Learners we can ACHIEVE.

The High Tunstall Learner – Embrace Every Opportunity.

Our Character Education and Ethos

The High Tunstall Learner has two areas of growth and development.

  • Personal Development
  • Learner Development
  • Each area, has a series of ‘branches’ which act as the 7 main characteristics that we wish to develop in all of our High Tunstall Learners no matter what their ‘roots’.

A visitor arrived in a town by the coast

To visit a school and apply for a post.

She had heard about this place from far and wide,

Which parents and students talk about with such pride.

The visitor was nervous, sweaty palms and damp forehead,

Dry mouth, feeling queasy and a face anxiously red.

But as the taxi pulled up to the school by the bay,

It was a bright and joyous, sunny Tunny day

As she left the car and strode up to the front door,

Passing the bustle of students on the way to her tour,

‘So you want to work here’ the Head bellowed with a grin

Then come and sense our vision … oh where to begin.’

‘Let’s amble and chat you must be nervous’, he cried.

‘We can see what we like … there is nothing to hide.

Yes a little magic, but no trick or illusion,

As in what we want and do there is never confusion.’

‘You see we can and we will … whatever the need,

But are you ready and set in order to succeed?

Because everyone is safe and everyone is protected,

And wherever you go we are all respected’.

Feeling welcomed, the visitor was feeling less queasy,

As the Head said ‘don’t worry the first bit is easy’.

They strode proudly into the school canteen

And sidled up to the cleaner … who wasn’t the slightest bit mean.

So tell us your role’ … the Head did ask?

The knowing cleaner replied ‘oh we all know our task.

My purpose is develop to a happy and learning team,

It’s our job to make things a reality, whatever the dream’.

Passing by was the caretaker in his illuminous vest,

‘Yes we can and we will, whatever the request.’

As the visitor smiled and ventured into the lift,

The dampness on her forehead started to shift

You understand … we can and we will … whatever the need,

But are you more ready now in order to succeed?

Do you understand, we keep people safe and protected,

And wherever we wander, all feel respected.

Leaving the lift they walked onto the upper floor.

The jolly Head said ‘now let’s meet students I implore’.

For the children were ready to go to their seating,

As the teacher smiled at the door, meeting and greeting.

“Why are you all so cheerful, the visitor inquired

Everyone is bouncy and not the slightest bit tired’?

A little boy came forward to answer, out of the queue …

‘that’s because everyone is looking after me and you’.

‘So the children always come first the Headteacher stated.

Writing people off is never contemplated,

We restore relationship issues whether serious or petty’.

Understanding more the visitor’s palms were less sweaty.

They smiled and waved goodbye as the students ventured in,

As the Head popped some paper in the recycling bin.

‘You see the standards you walk past are the standards you accept,

That is why it is only the highest standards you can detect’

You see … I could and I would … whatever the need,

It is all the little things that help us succeed.

Each marginal gain keeps all safe and protected,

So wherever we wander every-where’s respected’.

Now bounding up the stairs and along the corridor,

They both saw some staff working as a four.

The conversation was creative but with never a moan,

‘We always learn better together and never alone’.

We take collaborative responsibility when things don’t go right,

But celebrate attempts and triumphs with sheer delight.

If we support yet challenge there is only one issue burning

And that is to always encourage our lifelong learning’.

The captivating Head said ‘you see no hocus pocus,

We just keep the eye on the why and focus on the focus,

It is all about being relentless with one development at a time,

That’s what supports our well-being and maintains our prime’.

A dapper deputy appeared on a daily meander,

To listen to students discussing lessons with candour.

‘Hello’ … they cheered … ‘welcome to a new way

No longer do we judge, but the students get their say’.

You see … we could and we did … alter policy for need,

Ready and prepared for change in order to succeed.

We safely asked everyone’s opinion, with policy elected,

Therefore, all had a voice … and all were respected’

“Yes, we put personal opinions to one side’ exclaimed the Head.

And the relaxing visitors face was a little less red.

The deputy hailed ‘staff do challenge each other when we meet,

But once policy is policy we sing from the same hymn sheet.’

So they started to make their way back to the hall,

The visitors stroll had been more of a ball,

The visitors dry mouth was dry no more,

As they met another chirpy child at the front door.

‘Hello’ said the visitor, ‘so what is the golden rule,

For you and for being part of this imaginative school’

‘Well … it is clear’ said the pupil ‘it is all student cent red,

And we must leave our community in a better place than when we entered’.

The erratic heart now calm, the visitor just saw pride.

I can certainly see you have nothing to hide

Happy faces, positivity, and lessons full of zeal

One vision, one voice and such a community feel’.

‘You see … it is not only that you can … but you also do,

And the readiness of the students is down to all of you,

Everyone is safe but they feel wanted too,

And I have the utmost respect for all that you do.

The Head smiled warmly ‘I’m pleased we share this foresight,

We are happy but work hard each day to make it right,

There is honesty and integrity in all that you see,

High challenge, openness … no I, just we’.

We embrace reading, researching and keeping up-to-date,

And looking after each other whatever’s on our plate.

I hope in our vision you now can believe,

As we always look to inspire, support and achieve’.

The visitor signed out and waved all a good bye,

To now fill in the form and hastily reply.

As she walked away from the school by the bay,

Hoping to enjoy another Sunny Tunny day.

Charlie was a student, joining a new big school,

But Charlie wanted to be the best … the best in Hartlepool,

So, what does a great learner look like, he reflected to himself and thought,

I want to be a Tunstall Learner, when I am being taught.


Charlie closed his eyes and went on a journey through the mind,

To seek out the fruits of success was his mission to find,

Not too few, otherwise that wouldn’t cover all he should learn,

But not too many to get confused … not knowing where to turn.


“Seven”, said a voice within, “that is the number you need”,

“7 fruits of your labours once you’ve sown the first seed”,

“Not a complicated 7, but a simple 7 indeed,

You might say … a Magnificent 7 … is what you need to succeed.”


Just then a blue berry strode forward, purposeful and kitted out,

“Hello my friend, I’m called READY, and I’m essential without a doubt,

I’m carrying everything needed, and set for anything to occur,

And I’m brimming with positivity which we certainly do prefer.”


“You see I am well prepared”, Ready said … with a beaming smile,

“Ready and equipped to do anything asked, that is certainly my style,

Ready for service, to support anyone … with any request,

Ready with resilience and optimism, in order to do my best.”


“Thank you, and onward”, cried Charlie, “I need to discover more,

I can’t stop at just 1 of the 7, let’s go further I implore,

But who is our second friend, I’m so excited to see through the door,”

When suddenly another berry appeared, ushering him across the floor.


“Welcome” spoke a calming voice, “I’m RESPECTFUL” she said politely,

“I always ponder my manners and words, reflecting daily and nightly,

I always wonder what others are thinking and it helps affect my actions,

So all end up working together, rather than creating warring factions”


“You see I am really tolerant”, Respectful said with a warming grin,

“Respectful of others … embracing belief and origin,

Empathetic to where others are coming from with their ideas,

which means I am democratic about choices and responsible to my peers.”


“Thank you and onwards” said Charlie, “I need to discover more,

Discovering 2 is great but I need to seek out numbers 3 and 4”,

Just then a figure started appearing and a sound was heard faintly,

And as the berry grew bigger and bigger it looked so strong and saintly.


“Hi, I’m SAFE” said the berry, speaking so she could just be heard,

“I always look at how to think and talk … so nothing I do is absurd,

I weigh up each situation to judge how I should act

And then react in the most appropriate way, that is a fact.”


“You see firstly I am honest about what I think or what has occurred,

That way, we can embrace mistakes and we can trust every word,

I am also self-aware … knowing what my ‘buttons are’ is my mission to find,

And I try to keep healthy to stay safe … in body, spirit and mind.”


“Thank you and onwards” said Charlie, “so who is next in turn,

I feel I know about the person but I need more about how best to learn,

I still need to know who four is, but I can see two riding here,

They are both yellow berries, it is 4 and 5 no fear.”


“Hi we are Talk and Think, and we are always not far from each other,”

“I need him and he needs me, he is really like my brother,”

“You see,” said Think, “once something is in mind I need him to say my thoughts”

“And,” said Talk, “If I don’t think, my talking will be muddled pieces of all-sorts.”


“You see,” said Talk, “not only can I communicate well in many a fashion

But leading others via good communication is certainly my passion,”

“Yes” said Think, “we need to be resilient with our thinking,

But also aspirational and innovative in our thoughts … Think said winking.


“Thank you and onwards” said Charlie, “I need the last part to this tale,

Two more magnificent characters I know I need to find without fail”,

Just then a Yellow berry trotted along the path seeming to be full of vigour,

Exuding energy, and enthusiasm … that sure appeared to be this figure.


“Hi, I’m DO” said the berry, “and I like nothing better than action,

Cracking on and getting jobs done gives me enormous satisfaction,

I take on varied things to do no matter what needs doing,

And I always strive to work my way through things no matter what is ensuing.”


“You see,” said Do, “I like to be active in all that I complete,

And with this I always do things right and never try to cheat …

I use flexibility to do things in different ways,

And I always work things out independently, as ownership always pays.”


“Thank you and onwards” said Charlie, “just one more berry to see,

I feel I know so much about the Tunstall Learner, but the final piece will be key!”

Then all of a sudden on an amble … appeared one more yellow fruit,

“This must be such a crucial character and one of notable repute.”


“Hello, I am REVIEW, and I like nothing better than to look back,

Not just for the sake of it, but to adapt our plan of attack,

To look at what problems possibly occurred in everything that we did

And to alter, improve or maintain our plans whether at the start, end or mid.”


“You see,” said Review, “I like to reflect on everything about my learning

That way things are never static and the learning cogs keep on turning,

As part of this reflection we look at problems along the way.

Looking to solve these in different ways to improve ourselves each day.”


“Thank you and onwards” said Charlie, “I think I had better review,

I feel I know about what a great learner is now … that is certainly true,

7 Characters with such simple names that I certainly will recall,

But with such a depth of character … that I can understand each and all.”


“Seven”, said a voice within Charlie, “that is the number I did gain”,

“7 fruits of my labours that will always stick in my brain”,

“Not a complicated 7, but a simple 7 in the main,

You might say … a Magnificent 7 … is what we now need to sustain.”


So, Charlie is a student, who joined a new big school,

And Charlie now knows how to be the best … the best in Hartlepool,

As Ready, Respectful and Safe are his 3 personal rules

And effectively talking, thinking doing and reviewing are his learning tools.

It is the duty of all to support everyone in raising awareness and understanding of such characteristics, encouraging action and development in such areas and to show appreciation for anyone who exudes such characteristics.

Below highlights some, but not all, expectations in such areas:

The Magnificent 7 and Rewards

The Magnificent 7 are the foundations of our Rewards Points System. Every student who is Ready, Respectful and Safe in a lesson will receive a reward point for each of these areas on School Synergy.

If students go above and beyond in their learning they may receive 2 points for showing excellent: Talking skills; Thinking skills; Doing skills; or Reviewing skills.

As well as this, students may receive further recognition in relation to our Magnificent 7 by receiving Postcards or Deputy Headteacher, Faculty and Year Team Certificates plus extra points in these areas.