Tunstall Ticket

The Tunstall Ticket - A Complete Guide

For a comprehensive look at what the Tunstall Ticket is, how you can grasp the opportunities presented, what those opportunities are and how you can be rewarded for fulfilling these – please click on the user guide below.

Introduction to The Tunstall Ticket

The Tunstall Ticket is our pledge or offer to you the students over the 5 years you are with us. You have the opportunity to embrace 10 key areas of enrichment, where we hope you will grasp the opportunities that you have. The ‘pledges’ themselves have been developed using student voice and cover a vast array of developmental skills in order that you try to achieve your potential in all areas of life.

This is not a list of tasks, but opportunities offered to you.  However, we would like to recognise your personal and academic development via the Tunstall Ticket by developing a Bronze, Silver and Gold recognition system for the Ticket.

The Tunstall Ticket Awarding System

Launching in 2022, we have a new way of recognising your fulfilment of the Tunstall Ticket Pledges using a Bronze, Silver and Gold acknowledgement scheme.  For more information about how to achieve these, how to apply, and how you will be recognised, please click on the images below.  Students should apply for their Bronze / Silver / Gold Awards by completing the Tunstall Ticket Award: Application Form.

The Bronze Award

The Silver Award

The Gold Award

How can students fulfil the pledges?

Prior to each year we ask staff in each Faculty about their ‘enrichment offer’ for the year for each year group.  We have then created a rough guide of how you can fulfil the pledges in your year group.  You do not need to fulfil all and there will be more than are on the guides. Please click on your year group to see examples of how you can fulfil the pledges:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11