Parent/Carer Evenings

To access the School Cloud login page please click here.

The college has introduced a new intuitive and easy-to-use online system which allows you to book your own appointment times with teachers and meet with them via video call to replace face-to-face meetings in college.

The evening has been moved fully online and we are confident this will be an improvement to the previous system and welcome any feedback.

School Cloud allows parents/carers to choose their own appointment times, with the teachers they want to see – rather than leaving the decision in the hands of their students.  The system has an automatic booking mode which allows parents/carers to select their availability, then the system will automatically fill up an appropriate appointment schedule for them, based on the teachers they have selected.

There’s nothing to download or install – calls are made directly from a web browser meaning the majority of parents/carers and teachers already have the technology they need – a smartphone or laptop.  All video calls are secure as they are encrypted between teachers and parents.  The calls are automatically connected to the next person in the appointment schedule for both the teachers and parents.

Please watch the video below to familiarise yourself with the School Cloud booking system. Underneath you will also find useful documents.