School of Rock!

High Tunstall’s annual production started its journey to the stage in early March 2020.  School of Rock was chosen. With auditions held, a cast of over 80 were ready to start rehearsals when the world sadly stopped and students had to stay home.  September 2020 arrived and although all students were back in college, things were very different. With students in ‘bubbles’ it was difficult to rehearse safely.  All Music and Drama lessons for KS3 were theory-based and with the second lockdown in January 2021, it became very obvious that there would be no College musical for a second year running.

In September 2021, a little bit of normality rolled around however we suddenly we had a totally different group of young actors.  Some students who had originally been cast in the role of a child were recast in adult roles. A whole new cast to start a brand-new show and we were finally ready to rock!

Rehearsals started with many roles doubled to give as many opportunities to our talented cast as possible.  Songs were learnt and moves choreographed and most importantly, characters developed.  After two years of no shows, we realised that only around 8 of the 47 strong cast had ever taken part in a full length show before.


Four shows were performed in March 2022 to sell out audiences.  The new Theatre was looking spectacular with additional lighting provided by local business, Artistic Solutions, and a live band featuring members of staff and ex-student, Jack Corbett.

The audience were wowed by the talent on stage and the energy produced.  We can’t wait to show you what we’re doing for the next show…watch this space!