What does success look like for students with SEND at High Tunstall College of Science?

At High Tunstall College of Science, we recognise that success looks differently for every child. Our aim is for all students to receive a curriculum which is ambitious and challenging to ensure students are provided with the tools to succeed in all aspects of life.

Students success is not only measured through academic attainment but through their social, and emotional development too.

We are constantly striving to implement opportunities for students to succeed. Some examples of this can be seen in:

  • Students developing their resilience and utilising strategies to support them in regulating their emotions.
  • Students developing their communication skills and being able to order their lunch without adult support
  • Students using reading pens to independently read
  • Students attending homework clubs to support them with their independence
  • Students forming and maintaining friendships with their peers
  • Students being able to independently use the toilet when their physical difficulties have been a barrier previously.

These are just a few examples of where we have seen our students flourish through the support they have received.

At High Tunstall, we absolutely love to see the journey our students go on and love nothing more than being part of this.

We have an annual Awards Evening at the Borough Hall and many students with SEND receive awards at this event.

We have students leaving High Tunstall with a wide range of qualifications and experiences which sets them up for a life time of success.